A Dynamic Part of Our Communities

Grand Pursuits (Senior Services)

Temple B’nai Emet's Grand Pursuits Senior Programs address the spectrum of challenges facing seniors. We know that we cannot do it alone, therefore we approach services through a lens of coordinated care that assesses and addresses what is needed for each household and can work with a network of support services – including health assistance referrals, nutrition, social interaction and home safety. We understand that sometimes ministering to those in need can be as simple as sharing time together or as complicated as sorting through health insurance correspondence. Join us in expanding our reach of helping hands.


TBE Programs Include: 

· Counseling

· Food & Meals

· Visits at Care Facilities

· Home Ministry

· Home Services for those with disabilities

· Hospice-Related Services 

· Inter-Agency Coordination

· Respite Services

· Safety (Fall Prevention)

· Transportation

TBE Interfaith Center of Greater Los Angeles

Los Angeles is the most religiously diverse city in the world and the people who come to Temple B’nai Emet reflect this rich spiritual tapestry. We host other faiths to come worship and educate with the shared values of love for one another. 

Further, we host lectures, conferences and community engagement on a variety of subjects, including "Chrismukkah" (The concept of merging Christmas and Chanukkah) and the upcoming exploration of “Crypto Jews” (sometimes called “Conversos” and “Secret Jews”) – people who are/were Jewish but were forced to convert religion or be expelled from where they lived, or both, and whose descendants do not know are Jewish.  

Religious Studies

Education for all ages for all levels is an integral part of our faith. In fact, in the Mishkan Tabernacle, the Cherubim, angel-like images, were perched upon the Ark containing the Luchot Tablets and the Torah written by Moshe. These Cherubim, with their wings reaching out to one another, represent the loving, longing relationship between Israel and G-d. As their placement over the Torah teaches that it is through Torah study that our relationship with G-d is built, strengthened and energized, we place great emphasis on all aspects of Torah study. Each Shabbat and also during the week, Torah enrichment learning is led by Rabbi Pennes, giving hands-on textual learning and experience. 

Of course, Bar and Bat Mitzvah training is offered at the shul.

Based on interest and attendees, our adult education ranges from Hebrew classes to Understanding Judaism, and uses the parsha as a starting point for discussion and analysis of concepts in Judaism.

The Sunshine Committee

The Temple B’nai Emet Board of Directors created its “Sunshine Committee” to facilitate programs which encourage and enable members of Temple B’nai Emet to become involved in the community at large at the local, regional, national and international levels. The Sunshine Committee fosters collaborative relationships with other groups and organizations with the idea that when G-d created man, Humanism was inherently created as well – it is our duty to take care of each other, to give and to assist those in need.